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Habe vor ca 2 Wochen mein lang erwartes Orangepi2+  erhalten 🙂 leider hab ich kein  aktuelles kali image gefunden nur das kali2.0 xfce welches  mir nicht aktuell genug war ,darum hab ich mir  ein kali script  nachgebaut welches mir das… Weiterlesen →

Pine64 Pinebook

  FeaturesResourcesBuild To Order (BTO) Booking Note: Pinebook ordered on 20th April 2017 onward will fall into mid of June 2017 shipment from Hong Kong. Note: Pinebook ordered on 29th May 2017 onward will fall into mid of July 2017… Weiterlesen →

rpi-tx over gpio

Data transmission overgpio pins without any network interface  https://github.com/F5OEO/rpitx Tags: all, Allgemein, News, raspberrypi, trojan Related posts uEFI/BIOS backdoor removal (0) Uefi Rootkit backdoor proof for non usual efi certificates loading either its an bios troajn works on efi also… Weiterlesen →

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