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pinegl github

https://github.com/bugsysundayTHOT/pinegl-packages-community https://github.com/bugsysundayTHOT/gl-ar300m_config bugsysundayTHOT / pinegl-packages-community forked from adde88/openwrt-packages-communityhttps://github.com/bugsysundayTHOT/pinegl-packages-community.git   bugsysundayTHOT / packages forked from openwrt/packageshttps://github.com/bugsysundayTHOT/packages.git   bugsysundayTHOT / wifite-openwrt forked from adde88/wifite-openwrt https://github.com/bugsysundayTHOT/wifite-openwrt.git Tags: all, Allgemein, FTDI, gl-ar300m, hornet-uboard, nand, News, openwrt, pineapple Related posts pineapple firmware 242 for gl-ar300m… Weiterlesen →

pinegl github

https://github.com/bugsysundayTHOT/pinegl-packages-community https://github.com/bugsysundayTHOT/gl-ar300m_config Tags: all, Allgemein, gl-ar300m, hornet uboard x2 64/16 aka ub64, hornet-uboard, News, openwrt Related posts pineapple firmware 242 for gl-ar300m now with working pineap (0) onion omega openwrt (0) gl-ar300m pineapple FW 2.0.2 (0) gl-ar300m art.bin reflash (0)… Weiterlesen →

gl-ar300m pineapple FW 2.0.2

  Download :mega.nz gl-ar300m-rt25-v7-src-packaages-2019-21_59_55.tar.7z Viertualbox ubuntu server best performance and resource availabilit virtualbox osboxes.org ( more than 8 core not needed but better than an vps with low voltage / low budget systemorget an vps at bithost.io with 8 vcore … Weiterlesen →

gl-ar300m added oled ssd1306

GL-AR300M – GLI mit oled display ssd1306 (und das geilste auf dem norflash speicher ist pienapple firmware einfash per switch button umschalten)   info from https://wiki.onion.io/tutorials/cross-compile https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/hardware/port.i2c https://github.com/domino-team/openwrt-cc https://github.com/mkschreder/hack-ssd1306-openwrt feeds.conf: src-git packages https://github.com/openwrt/packages.git;for-15.05 src-git luci https://github.com/openwrt/luci.git;for-15.05 src-git routing https://github.com/openwrt-routing/packages.git;for-15.05 src-git… Weiterlesen →

nano pineapple version 1.1.2 mit openwrt buildroot für

nano pineapple portet to glinet 150ar & hornetuboard x2  openwrt builroot gebaut sdk toolchain imagebuidler wie mann will aknn man das sonst im buildroot dazu angeben um dies bauen zu lassen bisher aber nur mit ar71xx chipsatz da beide boards… Weiterlesen →

openwrt spoof all to local web server

ganz einfacher redirect unter /etc/config/firewall   config redirect option src lan option proto tcp option src_dport 80 option src_ip !         #hier die locale ip adresse vom router die nicht gespoofed werden #soll sondern alle anderen option dest_port… Weiterlesen →

HORNET U-BOARD X2 64/16 aka UB64

original ub64 files if someone need that ART.bin 2016-05-18 03:54 64K NVRAM.bin 2016-05-18 03:54 64K rootfs.bin 2016-05-18 03:54 14M u-boot-env.bin 2016-05-18 03:54 64K u-boot.bin 2016-05-18 03:54 256K uImage.bin 2016-05-18 03:54 1.6M http://dl.raimond.at/hornet-ux2/ tftpboot 0x80600000 kernel.bin erase 0x9fe50000 +0x190000 cp.b 0x80600000… Weiterlesen →


Lost my pineapple mark5 alias mk5 in peru so i wanted to get a new one and saw there is an pienapple nano and tera avaible at hak5 i grabbed  the firmware, binwalked it . (get it from github or… Weiterlesen →

Available through pineapple repository from hak5 some missing  packages in normal openwrt   ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] Tags: all, Allgemein, hornet-uboard, News, openwrt, pineapple Related posts pineapple (0) HORNET U-BOARD X2 64/16 aka UB64 (0) nano pineapple version 1.1.2 mit… Weiterlesen →

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