My Dad Helmut Wagner  has been killed by local mobs, Hubert Kern and Conny Fink are the recievers of 100 kg Cocaine in the year 2007

an alles die  mich wie  auch immer aus welchen gründen mich observiert haben das ist wenn man von anderen Menschen manipuliert wird  die davon einen nutzen ziehen einen grossen finanziellen
2007 Hubert Kern and Conny Fink became frome my dad  Helmut Wagner 100 kg cocaine.
since christmas 2012  before i became 30 years i feeled observed
2013 i installed  cameras.
the family which lived above had the virsitor which were (there were who i meet nearly every 2 nd day and they never told me about they know them above me)
the  Stepkids of Hubert Kern : Simeon Scherer , Roman Scherer and Richard Scherer are those who come and go  how they like from the appartment above me. i moved  to another apparment and they where below me again where they came and go like it were them appartment
my  dad died and it has been recognized from the austrian justice as normal death .
since 12.02 i recognized  in peru  i am observed by peruvian guys ( private detective a lot of them  ) i am sure they were paid from those in austria
all drugs are distributed from
Ernst-machstrasse 26 / 1stock, 5020 Salzburg, Austria 
& Zaunergasse 32 2 Stock, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
those both adresses are the main storage & distrubution location from Hubert Kern and Conny Fink. Since 2008 they constructed fkk-mystic and some mini casino from this money and they wash of course the money from there

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