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the theoretical Uefi / Bios backdoor removal How2

overwrite malicous efi flash chip content

pinegl github

https://github.com/bugsysundayTHOT/pinegl-packages-community https://github.com/bugsysundayTHOT/gl-ar300m_config bugsysundayTHOT / pinegl-packages-community forked from adde88/openwrt-packages-communityhttps://github.com/bugsysundayTHOT/pinegl-packages-community.git   bugsysundayTHOT / packages forked from openwrt/packageshttps://github.com/bugsysundayTHOT/packages.git   bugsysundayTHOT / wifite-openwrt forked from adde88/wifite-openwrt https://github.com/bugsysundayTHOT/wifite-openwrt.git Tags: all, Allgemein, FTDI, gl-ar300m, hornet-uboard, nand, News, openwrt, pineapple Related posts pineapple firmware 242 for gl-ar300m… Weiterlesen →

gl-ar300m pineapple FW 2.0.2

  Download :mega.nz gl-ar300m-rt25-v7-src-packaages-2019-21_59_55.tar.7z Viertualbox ubuntu server best performance and resource availabilit virtualbox osboxes.org ( more than 8 core not needed but better than an vps with low voltage / low budget systemorget an vps at bithost.io with 8 vcore … Weiterlesen →

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