My father was killed in Austria in 2007 by the locally well-known criminals Hubert Kern and Konrad Kamer. At that time, they were involved in the illegal cocaine trade. There were signs that I was under surveillance by private individuals starting from Christmas 2012, shortly before I turned 30 years old.
As we approached Christmas 2012, shortly before my 30th birthday, I began to notice strange signs of surveillance by unknown people.
In 2013, I installed two IP cameras. One of these cameras recorded how a person named Roman Scherer, with his then-girlfriend, who was apparently also in the apartment above, appeared in front of my garden on the street and then went to the first floor. At that time, it was surprising because he was supposedly in custody, as his brother told me back then. I showed the recordings to my girlfriend, and shortly after, we left the house. When we returned, the recordings had disappeared. Since then, people who went to the first floor have always avoided being captured by the cameras. From that moment, I was sure that my dad had been killed by Hubert Kern and Konrad Kamer.
The family that lived above me, the Coralic family, seemed to receive compensation for their behavior (paid for their activities). They had frequent visitors, including members of the Scherer family, who felt at home on the property and were extremely discreet. Initially, I suspected my taxi driver neighbor because they often sent him to places I had recently visited, even though I rarely left the house.

These people have connections to Hubert Kern and Konrad Kamer:

Simeon Scherer (Facebook link) Quellenweg 9, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
Richard Scherer (Facebook link) Samstraße 22, 5023 Salzburg, Austria
Roman Scherer (Facebook link) Plainstraße 58, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
These individuals were seen in the apartment above mine, and I saw Konrad Kamer visiting me once. Later, I moved to a new apartment in Maxglan, and on the day of the key handover, I saw Richard Scherer coming out of the apartment below mine. It seems that this apartment was also registered under a different name and apparently had a fake family.
The distribution took place from these two apartments until I posted numerous posters.

It is assumed that Hubert Kern and Konrad Kamer took great interest in obtaining the apartment to set up a fake family there. They distributed their belongings from these two apartments, especially from:
It is important to note that this course of events is a complex and opaque story associated with various deceptions, performances, and misleading actions.
It appears they use fake families to distribute the goods, which may seem strange, but considering that they had 100 kilograms of goods without payment, they probably do not hesitate to spare any expenses to remain undiscovered.

Konrad Kamer alias Conny Fink

Since 2008, both of them have operated several small gambling casinos and built the FKK Mystic Club, Grenzwaldweg 4, 5071 Wals-Siezenheim, Austria
The developments since 2007 in this context are extremely complex. The course of events can be divided into two distinctly different phases: the time before 2007 and the time after.
Before 2007, when the Casanova property had several mortgages, Conny Fink, also known as Konrad Kamer, stands out. He sold the property through falsified balance sheets to obtain a higher bank loan, which allowed him to afford the FKK Mystic Club. He knew that these transactions would eventually come to light, and he could easily cover the penalty payments.
Since I started to doubt the natural death of my father and suspected the taxi driver, the involved individuals have withdrawn. Previously, they greedily bought gold, jewelry, and other valuables. However, when the issue of my father’s alleged murder arose, these activities stopped abruptly.
They hired various groups to perform a play and deception game in which none of the participants knew what it was all about. Dozens of people simply stood at certain points, and when a car stopped, for example, they were supposed to make a call, with the call naturally directed to an uninvolved person who was then being monitored by someone else. And so the information was conveyed. The amount of energy and effort put into this work is hardly imaginable.