2007 Hubert Kern and Conny Fink got 100 kg Peruvian cocaine from my Dad.
Since Christmas 2012 just before I was 30 years old, I noticed among other things that I am observed by private persons.
2013 I have built 2 IP cameras.
The family who lived above me in Ernst-Mach Str. 26 had Die Scherer as a visitor and they came and went into the apartment as if it were their own, but always as inconspicuous as it was possible. (I moved away from there) Until I saw her on the cam I had almost every 2 days contact with you.
These are the step children of Hubert Kern:

Simeon Scherer(facebook  link)
Quellenweg 9, 5020 Salzburg, Österreich

Richard Scherer(facebook link)
Samstraße 22, 5023 Salzburg, Österreich

Roman Scherer(facebook link)
Plainstraße 58, 5020 Salzburg, Österreich

are the people who have been seen in the apartment above me, also Conny Fink there.
I then moved to a new apartment in Maxglan. On the day of the key handing over, I saw Richard Scherer leave the apartment under me. Also this apartment runs on other names and with one of a own spark family (is probably the least noticeable if one from such apartments the show.
It can be imagined how and if Hubert Kern and Conny Fink have bribed to get this apartment under me and a fancy family there.
Since 12.02 I recognized that i am observed by Peruvian guys (private detective a lot of them) i am sure they were paid from those in austria.
The distribution is from these 2 apartments
Ernst-Mach Str. 26/1 floor, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Zaunergasse 32/2 floor, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

From these 2 apartment distributed or distribute the things with each one a corresponding fake family (sounds crazy but when you consider, they have 100 kg and have paid nothing for it, then they are also not shy or inconspicuous with a sham family)
Since 2008 the two several small casinos and the
Naturism Mystic, Grenzwaldweg 4, 5071 Wals-Siezenheim, Austria

Built from a fraction of the yield of the 100 Kg of cocaine.
In these establishments is also washed as much as possible / and / or what just at clean money is needed.
If you look at the career until 2007 and from 2007, the course is so abstract.
Pleitegeier Conny Fink (Konrad Kamer) who could sell the Casanova only with balance sheet counterfeiting in order to get on the running mortgages still a plus to get the deposit for the FKK-Mystik with the knowledge that this in hindsight anyway to money buse to settle.
The clippers the annual visitors of the judicial institution
And Hubert Kern, who has completely disappeared from the red light nowadays, and that from the very beginning I have begun that my dad cannot have died a natural death.
Is obviously the main reason is the average quality / height of the pure content of the white and, of course, the enormous quantity which represents a large sphere of influence.

PS: To all those who have been keeping an eye on me for whatever reason, who have been manipulated by other people who have a great financial benefit. 

Roman Scherer

Roman Scherer 2018 Mai