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fake article at

no police was there, just fake

they all were actors and just for illustrating the publicity.


background story 100 Kg peruvian cocaine

Helmut Wagner was middleman and has been killed by the local mobs Hubert Kern , Konrad Fink alias Kamer, Scherer Roman, Scherer Richard and Scherer Simeon.
They build etc. fkk mystic with this money, the where before 2007 nearly smashed up with  Casanova which were sold with bilance fake for reciveing the  progress payment for there new building. which is fully  earn of 100 kg raid.

they always rent persons who play police

with so much actors as everybody thinks they are real! They aint real, the just got so much money from 100 kg cocaine.




19 year old girl act as decoy

girl is still missing and hasn’t been found till yet.



at hospital no ambulance has arrived with a girl

but there was an sms from here phone with: i am at hospital.


To contact me please email:

5020 Salzburg, Austria




My Dad Helmut Wagner has been killed 2007 by local mobs as middleman of 100Kg Cocaine

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