1st screenshot infected system with unsual ports listening

2 nd screenshot new upload efi clean

on cent os or redhat init 0 proccess with port 111 listening not normal and on older debian it was a lil bit different but it doesnt help if you stop the service it willl start at next boot the service again and if you delete it it start different service but on new system it does init 0 injecting the file on system is clean at the moment as it is beeing loaded into RAM it wil be injected an so its not virus detectable and is bad to delte it

i got a punch of pc laptop mac osx airbook tuxedo hp asus zendbook asus mpotherboars all with that shit not all i can flash thats tha problem and the biggest is my daughter she sffer at most

not working os if you do that 🙁

Synology corrupted which has been said certified for that time record

memory dump from win10 is available if soemone is interested i aint got that know at this time and cant check that out cuz my system is overnight yesterday again infected they got a key for my home na i got an nas surveilance its nonstop recorded but as i checked tthe video it stucked about 15 minutes on 21:10 around and it couldnt been playbacked but now its working nonstop no one pass the door but its corrupted that surveilance i know it it worked all to play at 21:00 time yesterday before 21:10 and after 21:30 just this time section didnt wokred and than surpise it works playing but fix corrupted and it says synology is certified for time video orignal safiety if it record that no efi trojan on synology but they had acces and changed video i will upload it where it is start and stop inserted you see a short 0.001 sec maybe that video flush or black just not normal it never do that just if connection lost it will record on cam storage and resend to syno aftter connection reget

on synology it says the video is been c3ertifized that its orignal that time recorded shit it has been cracked

efi trojan ios 11 backdoor i guess synology surveilance was the cheapest of them the lowest privce for that

but no pro i flash my system again and hey if i go outü from home and lieave my pc at home i got to flash it again shuit happens i got a lil daughter she got really probelm with her stomach and got big problem at pupu time they put something in the milk or whatever my son always play ma an actor for that they leave him alone i guess no funny 🙁

they will kill him also ´after they finished with my daughter but first its my time that i leave they explained him the world at head around for a kid who was starting to talk with 3 years


background history 100 kg cocaine and yearly visitors of jail

all efi trojan started before 2013 as i recognized that my dad has not died on an normal death he has been killed by Konrad Kamer alias Conny Fink and Hubert Kern alias hupsi as he might have give them an unsocial cocaine in high grade which defintly throw them into an high like see what we are we got the best what you have ever seen we sell it and everybody wanted to be friend of them and they did all lil jobs for free for those mighty ducks who killed an person who was handy caped person and never had any enemies why should my dad have any enemies he had never bad back speech everybody knew my dad Helmut Wagner alias ibi as a person who knows everybody not like the scherer family whos mother which was an known prostitute and thief hubert kern who has been sold for 100€ for a whole night for standing in front of a discothek or konrad kamer who recived for free his casanova and couldnt make any plus with that he hypothecary credit it nearly completly to bank as my dad gave them a lil bit what made them crazy they killed hm for mabye 1 or 10 kilo who kmows how much he gaved them but they killed him and he had 100 kg look what thethink they are and do all time looking after me abnd let ppl following me everywhere no minute i could let been without any follower who know what they afraid are not from me i am pretty sure

i am not afraid of them i go alone at night out it doesnt mater where i am am but they are so ike lets kill first nearly those who can not do anythink and do not understand the world my kids