malicous firmware

i bought at 7 january an iphone 11 Softwareversion 13.2.3 with an trojan in
firmware already out of the box from drei store at Forum 1 in salzburg.
not realy proofable but it is what it is an firware which has an persistent
trojan like all my laptop or pc got i was already at apple store in vienna
and they just made an quick lookup up and made that over wlan lookup info about
firmware version and updates etc. Apple politic the support personson who work there they aint see nothing  may do the analyse sopftware of apple see something and dont ring up cuz izs apple fuck them never ever again also the watch the person who made this firmware backdoor do the backdoor for watch  alaso.
IOS looks to m verry secure for an noop like me .

they told me to make an new apple icloud account
if i feal observed  or i can get an sticker like at blackhat cofmerence for laptop webcam so you can sliede the close and open fsticker for the webcam what a dump ass this person. wanna make me grrr.

but may it wasnt a real apple support person like if i got to hospital with my daughter the was an person who the murderer of my dad put as doctor to me what can i do they play all time those games those barbie girl with theire barby club . i was thinking he is kidding me where should i use this new
icloud account on my new phone which they may give me or on the infected phone ?
i aint got so much time to check that out how it work this firmware i also gopt
no bless about ios i got no pc or laüptop which is not infeted by efi trojan just
rpi pi and some arm boards which are efi resistent.

Back to Pinebook they now got a new one pinebook pro i hope i get it fast

coming nest days asus pci express graphic card with malicous boot variables
not detectable by an OS wihcih has it in use by any antivirus!!!