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the theoretical Uefi / Bios backdoor removal How2

overwrite malicous efi flash chip content

nano pineapple version 1.1.2 mit openwrt buildroot für

nano pineapple portet to glinet 150ar & hornetuboard x2  openwrt builroot gebaut sdk toolchain imagebuidler wie mann will aknn man das sonst im buildroot dazu angeben um dies bauen zu lassen bisher aber nur mit ar71xx chipsatz da beide boards… Weiterlesen →


Lost my pineapple mark5 alias mk5 in peru so i wanted to get a new one and saw there is an pienapple nano and tera avaible at hak5 i grabbed  the firmware, binwalked it . (get it from github or… Weiterlesen →

Available through pineapple repository from hak5 some missing  packages in normal openwrt   ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] Tags: all, Allgemein, hornet-uboard, News, openwrt, pineapple Related posts pineapple (0) HORNET U-BOARD X2 64/16 aka UB64 (0) nano pineapple version 1.1.2 mit… Weiterlesen →

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