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  us-14-Bulygin-CHIPSEC-Slides ESET-LoJax chipsec · PyPI spree via usb-fiermware for old usb-chips opensource gnu code are mainly used also mainlaay used commonly driver for write qaccess on several disk formated partions drver… Weiterlesen →

pinegl github bugsysundayTHOT / pinegl-packages-community forked from adde88/openwrt-packages-community   bugsysundayTHOT / packages forked from openwrt/packages   bugsysundayTHOT / wifite-openwrt forked from adde88/wifite-openwrt Tags: all, Allgemein, FTDI, gl-ar300m, hornet-uboard, nand, News, openwrt, pineapple Related posts pineapple firmware 242 for gl-ar300m… Weiterlesen →

gl-ar300m pineapple FW 2.0.2

  Download gl-ar300m-rt25-v7-src-packaages-2019-21_59_55.tar.7z Viertualbox ubuntu server best performance and resource availabilit virtualbox ( more than 8 core not needed but better than an vps with low voltage / low budget systemorget an vps at with 8 vcore … Weiterlesen →

gl-ar300m art.bin reflash

beim pineapple firmware nachbauen ein wenig zu viel  verisonen mit versichenen usb chippsatz hersteller durürobiert mit dem bauen und integrieren von firmware drivers etc einmal ralink usb wlan dann wieder mal realtek dann doch auch nen atheros adapter benütztaufjedenfall hab… Weiterlesen →

pineapple firmware 242 for gl-ar300m now with working pineap

get osboxes virtualbox image apt update  apt install openssh-server apt install  firmware 2.4.2 download gl-ar300m nand firmware lan and wan port are inverted   Tags: all, Allgemein, binwalk, gl-ar300m, nand, News, openwrt, pineapple Related posts onion omega openwrt (0) gl-ar300m… Weiterlesen →

Scherer Simeon mit Maske

Scherer Simeon mit Maske in der Zaunergasse als Nacbar versteckt von gegenüber     Tags: 100 Kg Cocaine, all, Allgemein, Anamaria Wagner, cocaine, Conny Fink, Hubert Kern, Konrad Kamer, Microwaves, murderer, News, Salzburg, Scherer Richard, Scherer Roman, Scherer Simeon Related… Weiterlesen →

gl-ar300m added oled ssd1306

GL-AR300M – GLI mit oled display ssd1306 (und das geilste auf dem norflash speicher ist pienapple firmware einfash per switch button umschalten)   info from feeds.conf: src-git packages;for-15.05 src-git luci;for-15.05 src-git routing;for-15.05 src-git… Weiterlesen →

Habe vor ca 2 Wochen mein lang erwartes Orangepi2+  erhalten 🙂 leider hab ich kein  aktuelles kali image gefunden nur das kali2.0 xfce welches  mir nicht aktuell genug war ,darum hab ich mir  ein kali script  nachgebaut welches mir das… Weiterlesen →

Pine64 Pinebook

  FeaturesResourcesBuild To Order (BTO) Booking Note: Pinebook ordered on 20th April 2017 onward will fall into mid of June 2017 shipment from Hong Kong. Note: Pinebook ordered on 29th May 2017 onward will fall into mid of July 2017… Weiterlesen →

onion omega openwrt


Lost my pineapple mark5 alias mk5 in peru so i wanted to get a new one and saw there is an pienapple nano and tera avaible at hak5 i grabbed  the firmware, binwalked it . (get it from github or… Weiterlesen →


linksys ea6200 lets download the original fw from linksys binwalk  FW_EA6200_1.1.41.164830_prod.img i renamed it to ea6200_direct.img lets binwalk a lil bit we see DECIMAL       HEXADECIMAL     DESCRIPTION ——————————————————————————– 0             0x0             TRX firmware header, little endian, header size: 28 bytes, image… Weiterlesen →

Available through pineapple repository from hak5 some missing  packages in normal openwrt   ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] Tags: all, Allgemein, hornet-uboard, News, openwrt, pineapple Related posts pineapple (0) HORNET U-BOARD X2 64/16 aka UB64 (0) nano pineapple version 1.1.2 mit… Weiterlesen →

fpga and S1 Miner

openwrt is running on s1 antminer but who wants to bitcoin mine with an antminer its here to break some rainbows calculating with sha512 process is the heaven for all openwall üfans john the ripper is waintg for all bitcoinn… Weiterlesen →

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